Jenco Manufacturing Solutions' automated manufacturing systems take raw or semi-processed material from a coil or roll form and convert them into another form by feeding and locating the material, forming, cutting, or performing additional application or other secondary operation. The resulting parts are located and can easily be transfered, precisely located and assembled to product. 

Like bowl feeders, these systems supply parts to a larger piece of automation. The difference is that these parts are made or converted either from pre punched strip or from raw material within the system, eliminating the challenging handling and reorienting issues encountered with loose parts. Making these parts at the machine dramatically simplifies the logistics chain.

Systems built for high volume production incorporate festoon material accumulation and strip joining so that the feed to the main assembly operation is continuous, eliminating pauses for roll changes.  This can significantly improve the uptime of the main automation.

Example summary:

  • Pick and place inserts for insert molding from stamped strip or bulk
  • Convert heat sealable strip material into shapes and placing onto product
  • Cut and place strip width material into a product
  • Cut tubing to length and automatically place or assemble to product

Systems are customized to the process and secondary operations can also be completed. 

Testing and process control verification:

  • Vision inspection
  • Leak testing
  • Dimensional inspection and measurement
  • Gauging

Further processing examples include cutting tie-bars in insert molded parts. Additional assembly operations for subcomponents or simple assemblies can be completed in the system.