Typical project sequence

  1.  Initial discussion – Does this fit both Jenco and customer?

  2. Defining project with a comprehensive scope – Have we achieved clarity on what it is we all want to do?

  3. Bench testing. Testing material cutting and/or simulation of core process. – Is this feasible?

  4. Brainstorming

  5. Cycle 3 and 4

  6. Budgetary quotation with basic outline of proposed solution. Does this fit project budget/timeline?

  7. Refining scope

  8. Presentation of concepts

  9. Settling on final concept

  10. Final quote

  11. Customer PO

  12. Initial 3d concept design and list of process steps

  13. Defining details of user interface and other user requirements if this was not included in initial scope.

  14. Customer input

  15. Design iterations

  16. Customer acceptance – Approval to build design.

  17. Build

  18. Complete build

  19. Runoff

  20. Refine interface standard interface items

  21. Delivery and training

  22. All supporting documentation full 3D design, 2 d prints custom components fill Bill of materials

  23. Ongoing support.