Jenco Manufacturing Solutions has built thousands of progressive dies and has produced billions of stamped parts.  With this background, Jenco is the best choice for incorporating custom progressive tools seamlessly into automation to cut, coin and form parts into the automation or provide integrated tooling that completes simple secondary operations such as forming and part singulation. 

Forming pre-punched strip

Rewound strip must be kept in a flat state to avoid part damage.  Jenco provides systems to form just prior to singulation. Forming can be easily adjusted manually or automatically based on feedback from system. 


Male-Female dies provide scissor action shape cutting, processing very thin or difficult to cut materials into useable contours in milliseconds.  Jenco has established a library of known materials and has a lab for testing new materials cut feasibility prior to quoting. Tools are built for high volume long term low cost per part production using the ultimate wear-resistant tool steels and ultra-high precision guide components.


Strip width materials can be fed, cut to length, and presented.


Components or layers can be added to a base material prior to cutting out the component.

Accurate placement

Producing parts directly on the system means that no reorientation is required.  The part is made, or converted, near the assembly operation in the correct orientation and is moved a minimal distance with no rotation and simply attached. 

With random and variable materials, sensors or vision systems are used to correctly locate a feature on the material in relation to the tooling prior to cutting and placing. 

Terminal insertion

Vision Picking

Parts can be picked and oriented from bulk packaging with Fanuc robots with using vision picking