side hiresProject Summary

Customer needed a method to form multiple shapes into strips of material. There were several shapes of parts involved. The material thickness changed between parts and the material width could change.

The customer’s original request was for a series of form tools.

When doing the math on all the combinations involved this worked out to a significant number of complicated tools, along with a lot of manual handling of very delicate parts.

The tolerance of the material thickness and variability of material properties would have made adjusting form angles in hard tooling an endless and very time-consuming challenge.

Jenco proposed building a bending system that would work with the full range of product widths thicknesses and lengths. This one system was able to form the full range all widths, thicknesses and part lengths. The form angles were easily adjustable for variation in material properties with a simple adjustment on the touchscreen interface. The overall investment was a fraction of what traditional tooling would have cost. The control was easily programmable for multiple part configurations.

The system started with blanks and had part detection to make sure blank was loaded correctly. Blanks could be loaded while the part was being formed so that there was minimal delay between part forming cycles. Bend speed was limited by the delicate nature of the parts.

multiple part configurations