Does Jenco produce parts or production assemblies?

No, we supply and support custom equipment for those who run the process. We do not typically run the process. However we do produce parts and assemblies in prototype, initial production, machine runoff and emergency situations.

What are your typical lead times?

  • Simple components and rush components in the 1-2 week range
  • Custom engineered components 4-8 weeks
  • Normal timelines for entire systems are in the 20-30 week range.

How simple of a project will you take on?

Some of what we do may require less than an hour to complete. There are items that may require simple machining tasks that we handle for some customers. Jenco is a better fit if an item requires some engineering or other design decisions. Machine shops usually need prints to work with. We sometimes get the broken pieces of something that has no prints, reverse engineer the item, improve the design so that it will not break, make the item, create a print and 3 model and then supply the entire package back to the customer. We also keep the information on file so it is simple for the customer to reorder that part.