Jenco Builds Efficiency.
Jenco Builds Efficiency. Providing custom engineered manufacturing systems that enable increased productivity streamlining operations with production at the point of assembly, and powering smart factories with automation and robotic integration.

Jenco is your partner for precision equipment in the Industry 4.0 market.

Convert material at the point of assembly

Jenco improves quality and efficiency through advanced automation & robotics integration.

As a specialized partner to manufacturers of medical devices and components, we’re keenly aware of the high demands for speed to market and attention to detail inherent to this industry. By engineering high precision, durable equipment that streamlines operations through assembly at the point of production and seamless integration with automated systems, we ensure our customers are fully equipped to meet these demands.

Custom Manufacturing Systems with:

High precision male female cutting of medical grade materials at the point of assembly

Vision guided robotic part picking

Ultrasonic assembly

Vision inspection

Leak testing

Electrical tests:




Material handling systems that provide a continuous flow of components to automation without the need to stop for reloading material.
Interchangeable tooling that can be swapped in minutes with minimal impact to OEE.

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